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 Featured Destination: Fishing Bear Lodge, Alaska

An intimate, family run operation, perfect for fathers and sons or groups wanting to step into the Alaskan wilderness with both feet.

Describing a place as unique and special as Fishing Bear Lodge is anything but easy. At its core this modest and endearing family run Alaskan lodge offers its guests just the right amount of “roughing it” and an opportunity to experience a remarkable diversity of true wilderness fly fishing.

Backed up against the surreal spires of the Wind River range, right in the heart of southwest Alaska’s 1.6 million acre Wood-Tikchik State Park, Fishing Bear employs jet boats to fly fish a host of seldom seen small streams for hearty rainbows, abundant Arctic char and large surface oriented grayling. In addition to these smaller “under the radar" stealth systems, guests can enjoy trophy rainbow fly fishing sessions on the renowned Agulapak. For dry fly enthusiasts, lovers of solitude and exceptional scenery, or families in search of adventure and a rewarding introduction to the wonders of wilderness fly fishing, this is a place you will want to visit more than once.

Rates and Details
Species: Rainbow trout, Arctic char, graying, pike, sockeye salmon
Season: Late-July – early-October
Capacity: 8 anglers
2019 Rates: $4,250 per person for a 6 night/6 day package
Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, guided fishing, airport meet and greet in Dillingham, ground transportation in Dillingham, fly fishing rods, reels, flies, leaders, tippets, etc.
Not Included: Round trip airfare to Dillingham, round trip float plane flight from Dillingham to lodge (approximately $500 per person), accommodations and meals in Dillingham, alcohol, staff and guide gratuities, fishing license, sleeping bag (or sheets), towel.

Fishing Program
Fishing Bear is located at the mouth of Alaska's Peace River in the center of the Wood-Tikchik State Park. This park was created in 1978 to enhance and protect the area's naturally rich prolific fish and wildlife breeding and support systems and the regions vast and pristine wilderness character. Named for its watershed systems of large, clear, interconnected lakes and rivers, the area spans a unique variety of terrain and vegetative zones and is renowned for its diverse beauty. The lakes vary in length from 15 to 45 miles, each fed by numerous streams and interconnected by clear flowing world-class fly fishing rivers. Spired peaks, high alpine valleys, waterfalls, hanging glaciers and great glacial scoured mountains make the scenery at Fishing Bear and the western reaches of the lakes some of the most magnificent on earth. Freshwater fish are prolific throughout the area. Rainbow trout, Arctic char, Dolly Varden, grayling, whitefish and northern pike abound in the lakes and interconnected rivers. An average of 1.3 million sockeye salmon spawn in the system each year.

Recommended Tackle
For the variety of fishing and species at Fishing Bear Lodge, three different setups can be utilized. For rainbow trout and char, we recommend 5- to 7-weight rods from 9- to 10-feet in length, paired with a weight-forward floating fly line and an adjustable drag reel. For grayling, lighter rods in weights 3 to 5, from 7’6” to 9’, are great; match these rods with a weight-forward floating fly line and any appropriately sized reel. For pike fishing, 9’, fast action rods from 8- to 10-weight are required; again, pair with a weight-forward floating fly line and an adjustable drag reel.

Below are the specific setups that Alaska Destination Manager David Kalinowski recommends when visiting Fishing Bear Lodge:

Rainbow Trout & Char Setup
Rod: Sage 9’ 6-weight X (690-4)
Reel: Sage SPECTRUM LT 5/6
Line: RIO Grand WF6F
Leader: RIO Powerflex Plus Tapered Leader 9’, 3X

Grayling Dry Fly Setup
Rod: Sage 8’6” 4-weight X (486-4)
Reel: Sage CLICK 4/5/6
Line: RIO Gold WF4F
Leader: RIO Powerflex Plus Tapered Leader 9’, 4X

Pike Setup
Rod: Sage 9’ 9-weight X (990-4)
Reel: Sage SPECTRUM LT 9/10
Line: RIO Pike/Musky WF9F
Leader: RIO Pike/Musky Tapered Leader 7.5’ w/ 20 lb knottable wire 

Waders & Boots
Waders: Redington Sonic-Pro HDZ
Boots: Redington Prowler, Sticky Rubber Sole
Note: Effective January 1, 2012, felt-soled wading boots are no longer legal footwear when fishing in Alaska’s fresh waters. Also, no studs or cleats please, as they can damage boats and aircrafts. Anglers are free to bring removable traction devices.

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