Fishing report 11/28/18


Troy with a solid Guadalupe River Rainbow 11/27/18

Guadalupe river

The fishing has been a learning experience for many fly-fishing newcomers and veterans alike this year with the higher flows, slippery wading conditions, and large fish size. Today is the first day the flows have dipped below the 500 CFS mark since late summer. As of 11/28/18 we are seeing river conditions around 400 CFS which still means if you do plan on taking on the river in your waders, please use caution and take it slow. The plus side is these flows will be a lot more conducive for wading anglers. Water clarity is still off color as bank sediment is being washed into the river bed due to the higher water level. With that said, both guides and anglers are having a lot of fun and the current conditions which make for a great opportunity to take a guided float trip. The Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited chapter had their first release of fish on 11/17/18 and it hasn’t disappointed. Holdover Rainbow and Brown Trout from seasons past are being seen and caught as well. We are seeing fish in the 16” - 20+” range consistently and when combined with the higher flows, your in for a battle when you hook into one. Another fish release is slated for the end of this week so look for action to pick up even more, as well as the first Texas Parks and Wildlife stocking scheduled for 12/7/18.

As per the usual on our home water - the Guadalupe River is fishing like a tailwater with wet flies being the preferred flies of choice. Fish have been actively feeding throughout the day and the sunny weather lately has triggered a good amount of bug activity. If you have a favorite girdle bug or large (think size #8ish) stonefly pattern, now would be the time to reach for it! A good baetis imitation, hare’s ear, or black midge, all in the bead head or tungsten variety are great choices as well.

-Donovan Kypke


We had a Full Moon 11/22/18.  Tides are hanging more to the normal ranges as predictions can be tough in certain areas due to current, barometric pressure, and wind that fluctuate it more than anything, especially on full and new moon phases that sway it more.  As per time of the year, hitting the weather right has paid more dividends than anything.  I guess the saying is right at times in this sport, "More Sun, More Fun!". This will continue to be the game as we keep having fronts pass through.  We have had the norm of plentiful shots along spoil banks and tidal marshes.  Keys have certainly been to get the fly in front of pink fish that seem to be more mellow on high pressure days which means more shots to incite the eat.  I think the exciting part has been some of the bigger fish we have been spotting in deeper flats that are adjacent.  These fish have been sporty in trying to feed.  We have shortened our leaders and really tried some bigger flies to get it down and in front of them.  A lot of moving parts in feeding some of these bigger fish in deeper flats.  This time of year is always an exciting time to fish as traffic seems to slow down other than duck hunters who we now share the back country with.  As always, come into the shop, hang out, talk some fishing, and we can gear you up with everything you need.

-Captain Kyle Hodson

 Stalking Redfish on the flats

Stalking Redfish on the flats