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Tailing Redfish on the Central Texas Coast

Guadalupe River 4/30/19

The Trout fishing on the river has been steady even this late into Spring. Consistent rains have helped keep our water flows in the mid 200 CFS range which is highly beneficial to our fishery. Expect good days on the water to continue deep into may and possibly June. As the air temperature rises we’ll see increased traffic on the river from tubers so if your planning a trip it is recommended to book the mornings.

-Donovan Kypke


“Spring Has Sprung” 

The temperatures are warmer, and things are certainly coming to life.  “Spring Has Sprung” at the coast.  This is an exciting time of year; the flats have started to liven up, and with that, the fish have started to show back up in numbers. With the arrival of the equinox and the big tide it brings, lots of baitfish will drive into our normal playgrounds.  The bays will continue to be loaded with hopper shrimp and mullet, and a few menhaden can already be seen in the channels.  Look for this pattern to continue into summer, and our normal winds to proceed.

Also, do not forget the Bass on Canyon Lake.  We are now booking our Spring/Summer trips on Canyon Lake.  The beauty of this lake and the opportunity to chase some Bass on fly really is a fun experience!  Imagine working the “Booby Frog” over a covered structure of grass, and then being crushed off the surface with no one in sight but the deer on the shoreline.  As you can imagine, it can be a very fun, competitive, and rewarding time.  The best thing, is it is our backyard, and minutes from the shop for an afternoon beverage with laughs, casts, and good times.   

As always, come into the shop, hang out, talk some fishing, and we can gear you up with everything you need.

ReelFly Guide

-Captain Kyle Hodson

Fly Fishing for Bass on Canyon Lake

Fly Fishing for Bass on Canyon Lake

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